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released October 1, 2014

Richard Brough - Guitars
Will Cruttenden – Bass and vocals
Emma Jones - Vocals
Boguslaw ‘Bobby’ Weclewicz – Drums

Special Guest: Colin Henney – Keyboards

Engineered by Stuart Jones at Woodworm Studios

All songs written by Brough/Cruttenden/Jones/Weclewicz

Produced by the band with Stuart Jones

Mastered by Barry Gardner at SafeandSound Mastering

For information and booking details click the contact link opposite
Follow us on Twitter @NewAccelerator1
Special thanks to Colin for the keys and Stuart for his skilful support.



all rights reserved


New Accelerator Oxford, UK

New Accelerator is a band with four people in it. Everything else you need to know is in the music.

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Track Name: Running Down Hill Again
Notice the sound
Over dry land
And you follow it into your past

Over the bay
Up comes the light
And I’d runaway, run away

Most people stay
Learn to get by
And they never see more than their…

Simple fears and doubts
The shadows move round them their…
Clouds conceal the light
They know them but lose them
Walls turned inside out
They’re running down hill again
Simple fears and doubts
Missing the point again

Moving around
Taking a step
But no further than arms reaching out

See it so clear
No grey in sight
Never wanting to challenge the line

Thinking it’s big
Being so sure
And the wind blows back all of their…

Simple fears and doubts
They’re running down hill again
Feet stay on the ground
They see it they want it
Futures standing down
Nothing will come from them
Simple fears and doubts
Lost on the losing side.
Track Name: So Easy
And though it never went to plan right from the start,
Every dream that changed our mind has played its part.
Moving through the air at speed you grace the sky,
One journey round you miss what’s right before your eyes.

So easy. Love, you see, will come around.
So easy. Let’s pretend, we’re together.

One day without you is one day just like the rest.
That empty space you leave is too much of a test.
So I could take my time and wait for you to realise,
But I will lead the way and help you to decide.

So easy. Love, you see, will come around.
So Easy. Let’s pretend, we’re together.

So easy. Love, you see, has come around.
So easy. This will work, for now.
Track Name: Each Word
Stay close
Stay close to me

Breathe deep
Breathe deep to tell me

You've not moved
and that you'll stay

My head rests on your face
My hair wrapped through your hand

There's no sound
but I'm
Sitting, waiting
Waiting for this to end

I wonder what your
thoughts could be,
there and then
I worry that you feel that we
got out of hand
I decide I hold you back
from all that you could be

But I know it isn't true
and I know you'll never move
You tell me each day, hour and each second

And I let myself dream
Take the chance, pull in close,
imagine it all

But the fear comes in
and over rides all you say

But I do know

So I know,
that you mean
Each word
In every way

You, Squeeze my hand
each time I lose myself
Drawn to your place

I, feel safe with your
hand to hold, you need no words

oh, It grounds me for
a moment but my middle pulls
me down and I can't seem to let go

Of the sureness that I'm wrong

It, makes no sense that you
keep close to me
That you
choose to touch my lips
Only so much
That you'll take

Except you keep
You keep coming back
And you say that I
need to believe
And it's worth it to you
so it should be to me

I think hard and try
to see through the ways
That I talk myself back
Keep me safe
But you hold tight
You always believe
Track Name: Balance
How many times have I asked you not to
You know it matters and you tip me over
Coming back to the same old topics
Each request answered with a question

You grate, nails down the chalkboard
Sit relax, like it doesn't matter
How you react makes me see fire
Take a breath ready for the action

You, give me a smile
Turn me around
Take me away
I try, to argue on
But then you smile

Keeping track of the little pieces
Store em up sling em at you later
No let up, persevere with the moment
Say you listen but you never fool me

See your face, I know you're smirking
Know my mind and standard reactions
Winds me up that you know I know this
You keep calm and the baits still hanging

You, give me a smile
Turn me around
Take me away
I try, to argue on
But then you smile

At this point having driven it forward
Blinkers on hearing no other reason
Been so long don't know how it started
Can't back out without losing face

Then you place
your hands on my face
and you say with a smile

Will the world, end in a
blaze till there's, no other
life on the, earth but just
us or instead, could we dance?

I hear myself
I do not help
You balance me out